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Our Technology

Kocchi lets you create civil networks: shared spaces for your community to publish and discover news and resources. You can use it as a discussion forum for you and your neighbors or colleagues, a news feed for trusted local organizations and public officials, or a long-range people and resource-finding tool.

Kocchi is inspired by the best of the Internet, new and old: bringing together select aspects of a social network and BBS, feed reader, blogging engine, public profile directory, and private messaging.

You can run the Kocchi stack on our servers, your own cloud resources, or a spare PC on your existing office network.

We also develop and sell reference hardware that lets your run a Kocchi network anywhere: no AC power or Internet access required. You can keep your Kocchi network running in an emergency or off the grid with a handful of inexpensive, battery-powered devices.

Unlike most social networks, everything needed to run Kocchi is also open source including our hardware designs.

Whether you run your own Kocchi environment or use our servers it’s easy to connect to other services and information sources: pull in RSS feeds or email, send notifications, plug in smart bots or sensors.

The full Kocchi platform is still in development, but you can reach out and join the waitlist for our public preview coming in early 2023.